Loraas Environmental is proud to offer waste services for business & residential. Our team has the expertise to discuss the perfect container size and service frequency to ensure your waste disposal needs are met.


Our single-stream recycling service is a simple and effective way for your business or home to meet it’s waste reduction goals. Recycling programs illustrate your commitment to the environment by diverting usable material away from landfill. Our program is designed for recycling household packaging using a single-stream sorting facility. Click the button below to download our recycling guide.


Loraas supplies durable, lightweight, and aesthetically pleasing fencing for temporary sites including construction projects, renovations, garden centres, festivals, and more. Fencing can be modified, expanded, reduced, or relocated to meet your needs as projects change.


Our composting program is a pre-paid residential program with bi-weekly collections from May through October to take care of all your yard waste collection needs.